Your best marketing asset - the product demo

As a software company, your product is your greatest asset.  So what role does your product play in your demand generation programs?  What if your marketing team could generate more, better qualified leads, at a lower cost, by leveraging your product demos

Lead generation in the digital age

As B2B marketers, our number one priority is lead generation, creating great leads for our sales team.  And it’s becoming increasingly difficult.

Since the majority of our buyers conduct more than half of their research online, the majority of our marketing budgets is spent trying to attract our prospects to our website.  And given the need to educate, we spend so much of our marketing resources trying to get our prospects’ attention in the first place - email, ads, blogs, social media.

Sadly, our web to lead conversion rate continues to be poor – only 7% on average. And when it comes to our “request demo”, we know that the majority of web visitors – at least 85% of them – abandon our process.  Early in the sales cycle, most prospects refuse to fill out our forms or consider speaking with our teams, just to get a quick demo of our products.

DQL (Demo Qualified Lead) and your marketing initiativesREQUEST A DEMO BUTTON

  1. Web to lead conversion
    Substitute your "request a demo" process (the one with the 85% abandonment rate) for "start your demo"! Prospects immediately get a fully customized, online demo, based entirely on their questions and interests. 
  2. Lead enrichment
    Arm sales with qualified leads and with previously unavailable insights about individual prospects and entire entire buying teams.   
  3. Personalization
    Buyers want content that's tailored to their specific interests.  With DemoOnDemand, every buyer gets a unique, highly personalized demo experience.
  4. Increased web visit duration 
    Your prospect's reading your great content.  They're engaged.  They'd like to see the specific feature or function they're reading about right there and then.  Now they can!  Add a link to DemoOnDemand anywhere on your web pages.   
  5. Content validation
    Uncover the content your buyers want to read about.   Learn which product features and functionality they're really interested.  Validate that the terminology you're using resonates with your buyers.  DemoOnDemand analytics quickly reveals all of this data.  

Your next step

Interested in generating some DQLs for your organization? Click the "start your demo'' button at the top of the page.