DemoOnDemand offers major advances in customer engagement for software companies; innovative platform transforms delivery of early-stage demos with greater customization, convenience and intelligence

Atlanta, GA (September 18, 2018) – OmedymTM, the pioneer in digital customer engagement, launched today with the official release of DemoOnDemandTM, the first true digital product demo platform designed to address the needs of modern-day software vendors and their customers.  The new solution leverages machine learning, natural language processing, cloud infrastructure, transcription services and pioneering video search technology to provide on-demand, searchable, fully customizable demos to individual buyers, while simultaneously boosting customer engagement and providing an unprecedented level of buyer intelligence. 

 “The software demo is currently void of investment or innovation.  The way software vendors deliver demos today hasn’t changed at all since the mid-1990s, which is astonishing given how much every other sales process has evolved in that time,” said Greg Dickinson, CEO and founder of Omedym. “The demo is really the first point of customer contact, yet this critical step at the start of the customer’s journey currently frustrates customers and vendors alike with its archaic, high-friction approach.  Our mission at Omedym is to transform the demo experience into a dynamic sales and marketing asset that in turn transforms the customer experience, generating qualified leads, shortening sales cycles and delivering cost-saving opportunities.  That’s why we’re proud to bring DemoOnDemand to market.”

 The demo market is clearly ripe for digital enhancement, particularly since there’s constant change in the adoption and consumption of digital content. For example, Forrester Research reports that 70%-90% of buyers have essentially completed their purchasing journey before engaging the vendor. The same research reveals that 60% prefer not to interact with a sales rep as the primary source for their information, 68% prefer to identify relevant data on their own from online sources, and 62% say they can now develop selection criteria or finalize a vendor list based solely on digital content.  Meanwhile, research from Nielsen highlights the growing preference for watching and interacting with video over other forms of content.

Omedym’s own research indicates widespread dissatisfaction with current offerings. Sales professionals at most software vendors acknowledge that their demo process lengthens sales cycles, and creates friction for buyers who would prefer a self-service model early in the buying process.  Worst of all, they report 85% of buyers (on average) who start filling out the ‘request a demo’ form abandon the process.

Omedym’s new DemoOnDemand brings the demo into the digital era to meet these needs perfectly. The platform enhances customization and convenience by removing limits on when and how often buyers can experience a demo—buyers get a fully customized demo, on their schedule, in under 10 minutes. The platform brings the vendor closer to every buyer much earlier in the sales cycle, serves up immediate insights into different buyers’ particular interests, ensures consistent messaging and quality, and cuts the costs of all pre-sales efforts.

Software companies using DemoOnDemand on their own websites fully understand the advances and potential benefits. “I love the idea of being able to make our demo available 24x7, without any additional resources,” said Kevin Miller, CEO of LegalSifter, a software company that has built a product that reads contracts and gives advice using artificial intelligence.  “I’d never thought of the demo as a marketing asset.  However, within 48 hours of going live with DemoOnDemand, we saw an increase in demo traffic!  DemoOnDemand figures heavily in the future growth of our business.”

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Omedym’s digital customer engagement platform transforms how vendors deliver and customers access information throughout the customer journey.  Omedym’s solutions change both the economics and outcomes for our own customers, as well as the experience for their customers and prospects.  Omedym’s foundation product, DemoOnDemand, replaces the friction-filled “request demo” process with immediate, on-demand access to customizable product demos that satisfy the needs of individual buyers and provides vendors with previously unavailable data about buyer intent.

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